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Unmatched Comfort and Control

A padded seat was once the measure of a comfortable cab. But that’s not true any longer. Cab design on the QUADTRAC tractor has evolved to new levels of excellence.

The Comfort Master™ fully adjustable air suspension seat with its soft fabric cover adjusts to your comfort requirements and swivels for good visibility, easy entry and exit.


Well-placed gauges keep you aware of vital working information. An onboard microprocessor projects a digital readout of gear selection, ground speed, engine rpm and PTO speed. Warning lights are positioned to catch your eye. Analog gauges include hour meter, voltmeter, fuel level, engine oil pressure and water temperature. Carefully positioned gauges on the right ROPS post are at eye level for quick and easy viewing.

For improved matching with implements using monitors, brackets may be added to the cab interior. Likewise, for planters or pull-type combines, a large cable access on the lower right rear of the cab makes for easy cable routing. And additional power connections in the cab add flexibility. In total you get three power ports and one radar connector in the cab.


You get an unmatched view to the front, sides and rear from the cab of a QUADTRAC tractor with 51 square feet of glass. Likewide, visibility through the rear window gives you an unobstructed view for implement hookup.

These tractors can be equipped with some nice extras, including specialty mirrors and lights. Additional rear-view mirrors, now part of the deluxe cab option, are mounted on the external ROPS posts and provide added visibility for wide implements or grain carts. Also part of the deluxe cab option, as well as part of the optional field lighting package, are two more field lights on the nose of the tractor for improved night-time operation.